soooo, next week I am off to Paris with Andreas (my work partner) and Stefan (my life partner) to see our film, Meta.Morph compete in the A Shaded View on Fashion Film Competition at Centre Pompidou. Very excited indeed.  The jury is amazing, and I am super honored to be listed among the nominees.The film had been done for the London based designer Una Burke, and was originally shown in London last February. It was later picked up by Vogue Italia.

Basically, I love events like this, and once again we get to meet up with our Festival Homie (the lovely and talented Kathryn Ferguson) to create all sorts of havoc and memories. In the meantime I have already started planning my wardrobe, while we also finish editing two other films (One is coming in two weeks and will be CRAZY) In my dreams  I would wear an  Edwardian Tea Dress (even though I was married in one) with these Wiener Werkstätte shoes that I have loved for years.





















basically it should look like epic lounging.

In other news I started watching Ms. 45 last night. Not a good night story that’s for sure, unless you’re the Grimm’s Fairytale type, however I was blown away by Zoe Tamerlis Lund. She was only 19 when starred in this.


Riddle me that for real. This search has been troubling my household recently. It’s just so obvious, that it is actually a GD shame that an entire generation of Reggae, Rocksteady, and Dub artists just completely slept on the beauty of this track. I personally still love the original Aaron Neville version, but for Stefan (my husband) he can never TOTALLY get down with the Neville twang. Which I can understand. I do. (My tolerance for country, western swing, and all things  Grand Ole Opry related is quite high) HOWEVER, what we can both agree on is that it is actually RIDICULOUS that there exists no beautiful Studio 1 Era take of this . Especially considering the fact that pretty much EVERY other soul, r&b, and doo wop track of any renown was  expoloited by the sound systems in Jamaica. Our youtube adventures led us through dark alleyways of music that need never have existed to my ears. (Including a Bitty Mclean version of ‘Try A Little Tenderness’ that actually did make me weary…at the thought of Otis Redding doing somersaults in his grave. And all of this, keeping in mind that much like with Country, my tolerance for Reggae is abnormally high) If anyone, ANYONE, has any clues on some rare dusty unreleased skanked up secret cover of this song, I beg you, please make me a believer.

here is the Aaron Neville original 1965

…and here is a fucked up version by someone who looks like he’s running for mayor, interposed by images of ‘dream jump offs’. It’s actually strange and doesn’t need to be watched before o:06 and definitely not past 0:17 (this brief eclipse however is GOLD in terms of art direction.)

I could go on and on with where this ‘adventure’ led, but it would take up too much space. Although a lot of it was educational and fun. And this rant comes only as a result of passion. Here is an example of  this cross genre done right.

…it’s that easy. And I feel like celebrating imagination tonight. While I’m sitting here, waxing strangely nostalgic, i wanted to give a ‘shout out’ of sorts to all of the images and films that have throughout the years formed the basis of my work and inspiration. from the Avant-Garde to Camp and everything in between, they all share, for me share a quality of creative release. I’ve just completed a campaign shoot/film for the designer Una Burke with my team in which we could just start to scratch the edges of surrealism, and now I am revisiting a lot of the following moments in order to take direction for my next project (space suits in Serbia seriously)but in the meantime, here is part 1 of an overview of my 30 years of visual love.

Man Ray’s Emak Bakia. One of my all time favorite films. I constantly come back to this.

the first 8 minutes of Desperate Living is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. this is, unfortunately the only version of it on youtube.










my mother took me and my cousin Nathan to see this at the movie theatre in Manhattan when I was 5.










David Lynch’s photography

for thoughts and muses…

September 22, 2011

…had  a great day. it’s obviously too late to be writing this, however everything was beautiful. and this/ is where/ I am at.

Been a long time….

September 20, 2011

Sooo expect more updates soon as I rework, reorganize, and generally reconnect with the world again. The past year has been crazy. While I get ready to explode with some updates, here are some imagess that have inspired me over the past few months. and to kick it off here is the song I am singing

Man Ray's iconic image of the tragic Nancy Cunard















Marie Menken, and her entire generation of experimental film

vintage Playboy

Jennie Harbour's nightmarish 1920's fairy tale illustrations


December 13, 2010

We are in the middle of moving apartments, and I have a pretty heavy job coming up this week…but details will have to come later. In the meantime, some images/moods floating through my life right now.

Bob Dylan and Thelonios Monk…two of my son’s heroes right now.   Because I have been collecting furniture like crazy for the new apartment (,, driving two hours in snow/rain to become the proud owner of a GORGEOUS  1960’s kommode/dresser) I have been heavy in vintage interior, and restoration world…a little obsessed right now. To Formica or not To Formica. That is the question…In my current dreams my home would look like a remix of this



and tonight while bubble wrapping antique cameras and accordions I will re watch this

super twisted, and a must for anyone who loves horror films. Just sick. Unbelievable imagination. And check out how True Blood straight jacked their opening credits from this movie.

If you grew up Black and in America in the 1980’s you probably had Al B. Sure at some point in the background of your life (along with the jheri curl, and Berry Gordy’s ‘The Last Dragon’, etc.). Atleast I did, and my Aunt was kinda in love with his ‘freshness’. French producer/dj Onra has made this edit of Mr. Sure’s classic track and I can’t help but bump it consistently. While listening, one should look at these iconic images by Melvin Sokolsky. I don’t know why, but it works so well, and already has my mind working on a new story…stay tuned.

and somehow between all of this ‘information’ the only thing that I can do is make images like this. (taken from our recent editorial in Rondo)

So, looks like I have new representation (big tings happening in general, going to be going back and forth between new york and Vienna as well, me thinks with a little bit of London thrown in to keep me busier than I need to be) in the form of Young Division based in Germany. Wednesday I will be exhibiting some images along with Patrick and Andreas in our own ‘Fam Corner’ at Pratersauna in Vienna, along with the rest of the artists represented by Young Division. It’s all very last minute, but that’s kind of how I get down. Come through!

The Russian Empire 1909-1915

November 22, 2010

Came across some extremely rare color photographs of the Russian Empire. I almost cried. I am a bit of a history fanatic, especially in terms of early film, early photographic techniques, and of course fashion history. To be able to see such VIVID images from this time period…well nothing more needs to be said. Images courtesy of the Library of Congress via Huffington Post.


November 22, 2010

So last weekend, Andreas and I were invited to be part of an international jury to judge upcoming fashion film makers in Hungary. As well as having Sand People screened, we sat in for press conferences, Q&A sessions, and in general felt and gave love. We met some amazing people along the way, especially Kathyrn Ferguson (fashion film director of the moment, working with Dazed Digital, curator at the ICA, as well as an amazing Experimental Film maker)  who also sat on the Jury. We laughed too too much, got WILD, and got totally inspired. Here are some brief moments…

me with Zsofia one of the festivals organizers, her friend, and the curator for the Ludwig Museum, which hosted the event

jury deliberations, and the worst pic of me ever. Whatever, Kathryn and Zsofia look great.