really look at the following pictures while listening to this song. But you have to start it at like 0:12

Let’s get one thing straight. I am NOT and have NEVER been a fan of Versace. They have been known to unleash the tack. Not as badly as D&G, but whatever… When Gianni was running the house, it was absolutely necessary. And still is I suppose, its just not necessarily my steez. They do have a lock on s-w-e-x, however, and parts of this collection are supremely dope.
Not everything is flawless of course.
This shit reminds me of The Ice Capades.


Every time I see this film, the main actresses’ neck (Clotilde Joana) bugs me out. It is so unbelievably long. It’s sort of strange. Like somebody might have switched around different heads with bodies (via Return to Oz’s Mombi) Anyways, it is completely undetectable in these pictures. But here’s an idea…


she's the one on the far right.

she's the one on the far right.

amazing film, by the way. at the beginning of french new wave. super fucked up. subtle. efficient.


...with a little help from my friends

...with a little help from my friends


More of My New York Dayz

September 27, 2009

photo: adia trischler

photo: adia trischler

Bryant Park. Years of my  life are gone because of this place.

Bryant Park. Years of my life are gone because of this place.

In General

In General photo:adia trischler

IMG_8244photo : adia trischler

New York. Some Nice Things.

September 26, 2009

Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons. Antique Ivory Piano Keys. Perfect. Genius

Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons. Antique Ivory Piano Keys. Perfect. Genius. photo :adia trischler

Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons

Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons. photo: adia trischler

My Past Life

September 26, 2009

KP & Envyi – Shorty Swing My Way
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Puerto Rican or Jewish?

September 26, 2009

When I was in High School we were all sort of ignorant about the term ‘blue eyed soul’. We kind of just assumed that anyone who was of a…ahem…lighter complexion and blew up in the r&b world had to be Puerto Rican. The idea of white people with rhythm was still relatively lost on the youth of the day (Of course since then things have changed) Mind you also this was the height of Puerto Rican Popularity. Everyone wanted to be Puerto Rican. Me and my girls went to the Puerto Rican Day Parade (which was a mess of sexual harassment and Big Pun) just to check out the dudes. Apparently everyone had that idea because half the people there were clearly not Puerto Rican (not even Dominican, though girls with ‘good hair’ would try and claim it) Anyways…
Recently I was revisiting some of my jams of the day. And was telling Stefan about how I used to be in love with a Puerto Rican singer named Jon B. I youtubed him and Stefan just laughed. Dude is clearly not Rican. But in my defense, WTF. He is most definitely rocking the ill Beatnuts shape up. Where I was from only Puerto Ricans did that. (see video below)
The other one was KP and Envyi. EVERYONE was talking about how this girl was doing the shit out of ‘the bounce’ (the dance of the day)
Her moves were of course attributed to her being Puerto Rican. Nope. She isn’t. Not at all. Glad I removed the Culture Shades. They were not working well for me apparently.
(side note. Check out old boys jheri curl. thats who you’re trying to kick it to kp? really?)

Jon B – They don’t Know

September 26, 2009

Jon B – They don’t Know
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