September 25, 2009

I have written many times that I believe certain designers have literally sold their souls to be continuously praised by Here we go again. Really though? This is wearable?prada
Sateen biker shorts, and a top that looks like a giant X Marks the spot across your chest. Wearable for whom? If anyone else would do this would tell them to get their shit together. And since no one runs a check on Ms. Miuccia, I will. Get Your Shit Together. prada2


2 Responses to “Prada”

  1. loora said

    wenn “is this wearable” eine kategorie für die arbeit von z.B. Chanel oder Margiela gewäsen wäre, wäre die (Mode)Welt um grossartige, die mode vorantreibende ideen ärmer.

    ob etwas tragbar ist mag für dich persönlich als konsumentin interessant sein, für grossartige ideen/visionen ist es jedoch völlig irrelevant.

    • adia said

      No, i never think that wearable needs to happen in fashion. However I dont look towards Prada to reinvent the imaginative wheel. Evan Margiela is a bit bland to me these days. A new type of overly intellectual conservatism. For truly innovative design, I look towards Central St. Martins graduates, Couture week, and Hussein Chalayan. I only mention this because, and the other powers that be have a tendency in these bleak recession times to make the word ‘wearable’ a phrase of fiscal risk. And they also have the habit of deriding more ‘wearable’ attire than this. I do know that Prada is a huge brand, and realistically speaking the person who can afford to wear them, and who is the repeat customer is not going to look good in a lot of this. Prada’s repeat customer isnt a creative lo fi type. Its Anna Wintout

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