Martin Munkacsi.

November 10, 2009

The first fashion photographer to take the medium outside of a studio.   In the 1930’s, art expressed  depression, liberalism, and an unwritten rule book.  One day I will have to make a point of doing a post on all fashion photographers from this decade (and film makers) that inspire me. However,not now. For the time being…here you go…the future of fashion photography in 1931


This is officially the gulliest video that I have EVER seen from a female rapper. Brings new meaning to ” ass so fat that you could see it from the front”
oh and speaking of mos def, this could have/would have been SUPREME if rick ross jim jones would have left the scene alone…really powerful but for the actual rapping

MF Doom x Thom Yorke

November 7, 2009

not much more needs to be said. Oh except that the Thom Yorke track for the new Twilight movie is also…sick.

The late great Anna Pavlova. Because no film exists of the actual Les Ballets Russes, here is one of her most famous performances. Seems to wooden compared to today’s athletics. However, she is unquestionable.


Liam Loves Metropolis

November 5, 2009

I finally busted out Metropolis for my son before bed tonight. He was mesmerized. Definition of a Good Look. When we got to this shot he said “Ooooooooooooohhh


November 5, 2009

So my Super 8 footage is gone. And honestly I feel as though my heart has been broken. sleeping, crying, punch in the stomach gutted like…

whatever. some Alexandr Hammid to get me through the day. I am not the biggest fan of him and Maya Deren’s Meshes of the Afternoon, critical importance aside. But this is getting me through today, as well as Spacemen 3[

Why I Love Life

November 4, 2009

Because you can always come across something new that makes you rethink and regroup. Came across this girls pics on a blog. Her name is Leslie, she is 18 from California.beautybeauty2


Sneak Peek Namibia

November 4, 2009

Here is Thomas, our illustrious 2nd photo assistant (or is it 1st) adding his set design expertise to one of our scenes in Namibia. More to come soon…namibia1

New Pics

November 4, 2009

You know, my occassional moonlighting as a model at the age of 28. Yup. Somewhere between writing about fashion week, and getting ready to go to Namibia to complete our Sand People project I did these. For Florian Ladstatter’s lookbook, shot by Oliver Jiszda.

Been Out of It

November 4, 2009

So, I am slowly making my way back  Namibia, and Cape Town left a huge impression on me that I am still sorting out. The trailer for the film should hopefully be done soon, depending on Super 8 development, and edited pics are on the way. However, you have to wait until the exhibition opens in February to see what really went down. In the meantime I am working on the next project combining the following

and this

not worth getting upset about. just exploring the eternal ‘What if?’ Saying the N word in Austria is likely to get you lynched (no…the other n word) but as far as I am concerned, anything is fair game as far as the exploration of the imagination. So we got a month to do this…powerplantup