January 31, 2010

Going on the European Fashion Road Tour with these wonderful people next month.  http://www.lemuriastyle.com/    stay tuned…


On the plane ride back from South Africa, Andreas and I analyzed the visual perfection that is Dial M For Murder.   In almost every shot there is a lamp. So subtle, yet so consistant, keeping in mind that all of the action in the film takes place within two and a half rooms.

Forget Sir Alfred. The man behind this music was Robert Burks, cinematagropher to many of Hitchocks masterpieces. Often times left uncredited in the flashing lights, Burks was the ultimate composer of atmosphere in the world that The Director imagined. The Birds, Vertigo, North by Northwest… all materialized with the precision of his taste.

one of my favorites. I Confess

Tippi Hedren

Couture. It’s A Wrap

January 29, 2010

Fuck calling out the Death of Autotune,  we are facing the Extinction of Couture! I am urging all of you with an imagination and perhaps some stylish form of artillery to take to the streets and protest aloud! I had foolishly awaited the updates from the only fashion week that I continue to care about. When the images arrived, my heart sank and I retreated back to bed. Understatement of my life will admit that this January has been a rough one. But when I can’t even completely depend on Gaulthier HC to deliver me from the desolation blues, I know that my switch to working in film may be imminent.  Elie Saab aside ( I am not from the Upper West Side, and my husband doesnt pass by Ground Zero everyday to get to work.) All in all this weeks showing having been far too…WEARABLE. In short, I wish that most ready to wear looked this fierce. But as for couture?
thanks, but I prefer my midday Plaid wools directly from the turn of the 20th  century.
Looks very tailored, exquisitely fussed over,e tc. But unless I  need the help of 3 indentured servants to carry the hem, IT AIN’T COUTURE.
Charles  Worth is turning right now. TURNING.
I know that much of the saleability of Couture lies in the ability to perfect the norm…such as a flawless suit, or a discreet buttery lining. But really, not one truly out of this world dress?
Let’s have a moment of zen,  with some back in the day couture.


January 11, 2010

Because I have a sick obsession with film and photography forms that are hyper expensive, hyper old, and hyper rare. But really, once you have kodachrome, can one ever really see color again? Eggleston, much?

Been A Minute

January 11, 2010

Been away. Doing things. Now I am back. Get ready. Below is a link to a recent semi interview I gave austrianfashion.net about my ‘take’ on the Austrian fashion scene.