London Calling

February 13, 2010

Heading to London for a week, to do some thangs (work, work, and maybe some play) be back with fun updates in a week.  Until then, some of my favorite things about England

and the tube. just kidding.



February 12, 2010


Alexander. “Lee”

February 12, 2010

McQueen. Yesterday, and forever the world has lost one of the hugest and most influential creative talents in the world. Alexander McQueen was my favorite designer. Not one of. My favorite. end.stop. In general I have become incredibly bored with the society that is style. There has, of late, been a lack of spark, mischief, honesty, and exploration. His, other than the Couture shows, are the only presentation I earnestly follow anymore. I do not know what will happen to fashion. There is no one to take even a percentage of his place. It actually scares me. Why he would do this, only years after the suicide of his first patron and muse Isabella Blow, I do not know.  With the loss of McQueen the unique magic that the two of them sent to the world is gone. Completely. I am sure they are making the afterlife (if there is such a thing) more magnetic and whimsical. Here, however the editorial pages and the runways have just become even more blank. I am, so tired of death right now. It is making me feel…weighted. Alexander and Isabella

There is so much more. I remember the collection when I purchased my first piece from him….etc… Rest In Peace.


February 11, 2010

While researching the history of these trainee knights to make my son’s Carnival costume.

Another day. Another Castle.

February 11, 2010

Not really. Although there are a f*load of castles around these parts. The Fam did another project, in Schloss Ebenfurth. We had been working on the idea for a bit, but then…life/ happened and I didn’t know how I felt about it anymore. Regardless we macked out an editorial, channeling ghosts and eternal beauty, in this (literally) 1,000 year old castle. Here is the making of. Stay tuned for the editorial.The Hof (courtyard) of Ebenfurth. I didn’t get a proper picture of the entrace, unfortunately.Andreas trying his best to Out Swag a professional.  Anna was…remarkable.My rack. Staying true to the black and white theme. (This is a monochromatic analog story). Excuse the blurry pics. It was dark the entire day.Some people can’t just let others enjoy the spotlight alone. (Patrick and Thomas)While some people work……others dream about having breasts. (so so nice…)Do you remember when Bobby Brown had that song on The Ghostbusters soundtrack? Well, R&B could not have even imagined this horror.Who you gonna call?…I will be in London next week. Modeling for Lemuria, and styling an editorial focused on up and coming London fashion. All during FW get ready…

Chasing The Hotness

February 10, 2010

Falling heavily into that category of tracks begging for a remix, here’s Barbara Mason’s classic lament about losing her lover to the arms of (gasp) another man. The song has inspired hotness across the hip hop ages, most famously with Biggie’s version ” I need another Bitch”. However while I was watching the documentary ‘Paris is Burning'(amazing view into the world of drag Balls and the early art of Voguing. the after effect of the voyage, however, is not so pleasant. many who were involved with the documentary are either dead or broke.) I came across this scene with the ILL ILL ILL version of Barbara Mason’s track. Wherein lies the magic, I ask? Simple pitching up and scratching affects, and thus a banger is born. I made Stefan watch this like 100 times. SOMEBODY Do THIS RIGHT. Begin this clip at 6 seconds in and witness the sickness for like 2 more seconds. Trust me its worth it. This version is actually incredible.

…as i rethought the organ

February 8, 2010

Someone just sent me an email saying that one of my favorite movies of all times, Carnival of Souls, is no longer available. Classic case of ‘Don’t believe the hype’.  This person also said that Harold and Maude was being reitred in dvd format, and everybody knows that this cannot be true. (Cult is too big of an ‘it’ thing in these daysandtimes.)   Ultimately? Deserves to be seen. Even if one must rob,beg and steal to make it a reality.

also farewell to Miramax Films.(1979-2010) which had nothing to do with the above film. Just lumping posts together I guess.


February 8, 2010

I have tried not to talk too much about the past few weeks. I lost one of my best friends in the world in the most senseless way imaginable.  I miss her. Everyday. And I have just been able to post this picture that we took together on New Year’s. Only a little over a month ago.

Rest In More Than Peace. I love you.


February 7, 2010

So, as promised here are the making of images of my my first styling job for a Trachten shoot. For those who don’t know (like my fellow Americans), Trachten is the traditional clothing of the Alpine regions (Austria, Bavaria, and some of Switzerland) Dirndln and lederhosen,etc. Sometimes, really my life is a trip. I was in NYC like a little over a week ago, and the next thing I know I am back in Austria watching the natives at work.

The concept of the shoot was something along the lines of Trachten in the Jungle.  Sort of taking this traditional costume out of its usual context.

ich und das Mädl. As usual there was a lot of love, and a lot of hat wearing on the set.

working hard, or hardly working?

and I showed the Austrians my Schuhplattler moves.

i tried my hand at the old ‘couture bow’ trick.

the fam does it again.

the wrap.

…that this is a very misleading film poster. The robot in Forbidden Planet is a fashion designer not a hussy killer.

…that despite the many questionable trends that one can discuss about the year 1995…any 12 month time period that can produce both this

and this cannot be all that bad.

…that I can’t believe that I am styling a Trachten shoot tomorrow (Friday.) Dirndl and lederhosen ya’ll, I really and actually do live in Austria.

digicam updates from the Palmenhaus Trachten madness to come tomorrow. Along with a Czech modeling agency party. Only in the gateway to the east.