Tim Burton should take Runway notes.

February 1, 2010

I may quite possibly be the only person in this world that is NOT excited to see Tim Burton’s new Alice.  I am not a Tim Burton hater…to the contrary, I am an avid fan and believer in his surreal landscapes.  However the story of Alice does not need to be CGI’d to death. It is eerie, playful, and confusing enough on its own. And once again I do wish that film could have some sort of triumphant return to the days of storytelling. Regardless, what I am excited to see are the window displays at Printemps celebrating the movies release.   The story of Alice has always proven to be fertile imaginative ground for fashion design, and one can only dance in anticipation about what some of the world’s best design talents can come up with when put to task. Style.com has released some preview images and my favorite is the Margiela interpretation.

Shoe choice aside,  this dress is an editorial dream, and makes absolute sense. Now if we could place this piece into this film version of Alice

(BBC 1966 made for TV)or better yet in Jan Svankmajer’s version

then we would have a hell of a film.  It is my dream, to match film completely to fashion and create a new type of cinema based concretely around the visual arts while losing nothing in terms of quality. Neither form should have to compromise. Imagine if Through the Looking Glass were created this way? What would the Jabberwocky wear?

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