Runway to Reality

February 2, 2010

Note: This blog is not used as a forum to bash other individuals personal style. Truth be told, I would always rather that someone went too far than not far enough. However the following…ahem…misfortune could not escape criticism of my typing fingers


My beloved McQueen shoes are struggling to make sense of this all.  I am a bit confused…okay more than a bit confused as to why so many things are going on here. But I will set aside the very obvious transgressions. My main issue lies with the Armadillo Heels. The shoes that should be gracing my feet this very moment, somehow here manage to look…cheap. Is that the white lining of the zipper I see on the right shoe? Why had I never seen this heel in this awful plasticy pink color before? and the question begs to be asked ARE THESE KNOCK OFFS?  Below witness again the magic of Alexander McQueen’s SS 2010 show. Really. If you haven’t seen it before, watch it now. This is the point to fashion. This is why we put up with pretentious people, and superficial tendencies.


One Response to “Runway to Reality”

  1. style is subjective… i really think this post is a shame… i know you said you could not resist but people can do whatever they want… i think its hypocritical for anyone who whole heartedly believes individualistic style as i believe you do, to point fingers… but then again fashion is full of people who say one thing and then do another… i am guilty of this too…

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