Chasing The Hotness

February 10, 2010

Falling heavily into that category of tracks begging for a remix, here’s Barbara Mason’s classic lament about losing her lover to the arms of (gasp) another man. The song has inspired hotness across the hip hop ages, most famously with Biggie’s version ” I need another Bitch”. However while I was watching the documentary ‘Paris is Burning'(amazing view into the world of drag Balls and the early art of Voguing. the after effect of the voyage, however, is not so pleasant. many who were involved with the documentary are either dead or broke.) I came across this scene with the ILL ILL ILL version of Barbara Mason’s track. Wherein lies the magic, I ask? Simple pitching up and scratching affects, and thus a banger is born. I made Stefan watch this like 100 times. SOMEBODY Do THIS RIGHT. Begin this clip at 6 seconds in and witness the sickness for like 2 more seconds. Trust me its worth it. This version is actually incredible.


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