Another day. Another Castle.

February 11, 2010

Not really. Although there are a f*load of castles around these parts. The Fam did another project, in Schloss Ebenfurth. We had been working on the idea for a bit, but then…life/ happened and I didn’t know how I felt about it anymore. Regardless we macked out an editorial, channeling ghosts and eternal beauty, in this (literally) 1,000 year old castle. Here is the making of. Stay tuned for the editorial.The Hof (courtyard) of Ebenfurth. I didn’t get a proper picture of the entrace, unfortunately.Andreas trying his best to Out Swag a professional.  Anna was…remarkable.My rack. Staying true to the black and white theme. (This is a monochromatic analog story). Excuse the blurry pics. It was dark the entire day.Some people can’t just let others enjoy the spotlight alone. (Patrick and Thomas)While some people work……others dream about having breasts. (so so nice…)Do you remember when Bobby Brown had that song on The Ghostbusters soundtrack? Well, R&B could not have even imagined this horror.Who you gonna call?…I will be in London next week. Modeling for Lemuria, and styling an editorial focused on up and coming London fashion. All during FW get ready…


One Response to “Another day. Another Castle.”

  1. Philipp said

    looks very promising.

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