Alexander. “Lee”

February 12, 2010

McQueen. Yesterday, and forever the world has lost one of the hugest and most influential creative talents in the world. Alexander McQueen was my favorite designer. Not one of. My favorite. end.stop. In general I have become incredibly bored with the society that is style. There has, of late, been a lack of spark, mischief, honesty, and exploration. His, other than the Couture shows, are the only presentation I earnestly follow anymore. I do not know what will happen to fashion. There is no one to take even a percentage of his place. It actually scares me. Why he would do this, only years after the suicide of his first patron and muse Isabella Blow, I do not know.  With the loss of McQueen the unique magic that the two of them sent to the world is gone. Completely. I am sure they are making the afterlife (if there is such a thing) more magnetic and whimsical. Here, however the editorial pages and the runways have just become even more blank. I am, so tired of death right now. It is making me feel…weighted. Alexander and Isabella

There is so much more. I remember the collection when I purchased my first piece from him….etc… Rest In Peace.


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