London. Pt.1

March 4, 2010

My week was split into two. Working with Lemuria at PURE and then shooting with the fam. I was cold, tired, tripping with excitement, sad at times and extremely alive. I used to live in London on and off for yearsss, but I hadn’t been back in like 4 years. The entire experience was a firing of nostalgic synapses, and a reunion with my (former) self.

I was reminded that Public Service Announcements might actually be the best in London as compared to other international cities.

This one actually scared the shit out of me. I put that cab number directly into my phone, as a day earlier I had been deposited onto a shady corner in way north east london with a bag bigger than my entire body and no gps of any sort to figure it all out. but that’s another story…

The Thames still remains one of my favorite city river views in the world…… even though some people had to go and fuck up all the scenery by acting real rowdy.Saul reminded me of the old days when I was a 21 year old posted up at dodgy kebab stands throughout London at all hours of the morning searching for a chicken fix. Class. Pure Class. I was reminded as to why Patrick runs our teams hair department.and I was reminded to a) clean out my wallet (this isnt even with the Turkish lira) and b) to start making more money. all in all it was another adventure for the fam..


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