London Pt.2 Making Of

March 4, 2010

So here is a mini preview (I never put too much up on my blog of my work, not even in my portfolio section) while trying not to give anything away of the shoot we did in London. The project is highlighting up and coming design talent in the UK while telling the story of an asylum incarcerating the stylishly insane. The lovely Una Burke who’s surreal pieces we used in Namibia in October lent us her space, a former Assisted Residence (or old people’s home to be more direct) that is now subsidized apartments for artists. doing hair and makeup and fittings with Vanessa. The belle of the day. She WERQUED the hell out of the thing, can’t wait to show the whole storyAndreas and Merlin went location scoutingwhile I searched for inspirationand found it in the mailroomand the bathroom.Una was trying not to kick it with us (even though its kind of impossible) as she was meant to be working seriously on finishing a custom suit for a certain performer Lady that shall remain hush hush ( and on the qt) for the moment. At the end of the day some energy needed to be released.which resulted in a train filled with terrified onlookers.but then the voice of reason in the form of a railway sign made us remember that all fun comes with a we retreated back north and called it a wrap for our foreign antics. Milan updates to come in a minute, and keep you posted on when this story drops.


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