What is life like for Ken Russell?

June 25, 2010

There are so many amazing films that this man made that I cannot even begin to get into it. By far one of my favorite film makers. He is  so honestly out there, that others can only recount his memoirs of depravity and beauty. I used to watch his BBC version of Isadora while drinking a pabst blue ribbon sitting on my friend Charmy’s floor rewinding a shitty vhs that I had half stolen from Kim’s. ..Those were darker times. Anyhow now I own it.Shade be gone… But how about all of the other Ken Russell? The world beyond Tommy, beyond Mahler and Altered States. What about the funeral procession of lovers in Valentino (with the grieving train held up by 10 women)? Or the licking of the cruxifiction wounds in The Devils?  I think there may actually be no such thing as borders in Mr. Russell’s world.


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