What’s Next

June 27, 2010

So the Sand People exhibition was amazing, and the film in particular got amazing feedback. (The exhibition is set to travel to New York and London, while the film has been shipped off to ASVOFF), however now we are back and editing the next film, and preparing for an even CRAZIER site specific exhibition.  My work as a stylist/art director is based mainly on character development, and coming from a theatre background, I try to find an honest moment in an image. Like film stills, I am moving farther away from static fashion images, and will no longer blog any fashion that is not truly innovative or historical. I turn to fiction and film for my inspiration, as the fashion industry itself has become oversaturated and…base. Below is one of my favorite images from the exhibition

for more information and the film trailer please go to http://www.sand-people.com

However what we are doing next is INSANE. We hooked up with CSM student and super hyped designer Ara Jo to create a lookbook,moodbook, and film. The result in fantastic and below is an image from the lookbook which isnt even HALF of the story.

ph:Andreas Waldschuetz  Art Direction/Styling:Adia Trischler Makeup:Steffi Lamm Hair: Patrick Glatthaar  Model:Beata S (my muse)



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