Artistic Dress Movement vs. Aesthetic Dress x The Warriors

June 30, 2010

In purely visual theory, I appreciate both movements. The Artistic Dress Movement had a much more pure method of thought, although the handiwork moments left out a certain sophistication in the freedom. Then came the 1880’s with it’s aesthetic movement, and the world would never be the same. Although the dresses were far more beautiful, and their mimicry of nature (or rather according to the ethos, nature should mimic art) is…supreme…the Aesthetic Movement in general didn’t last very long for a few reasons. Namely that Oscar Wilde went to prison, and to be quite honest most of the world couldn’t afford to find charm with phrases such as “I find it harder and harder everyday to live up to my blue china”…yea. You know the majority of post Industrial Revolution Britain wasn’t so…caught up.  Time goes by and then came the 1970’s. When ‘keeping it real’ meant you HAD to be aesthetically forceful, howevere the underprivileged were just as guilty of this mode. Let’s call it the Post Neo Democratic Aesthetic Movement. (God that sounds like bullshit). A lot more fun, more dangerous, but much better music.

Aesthetic Dress meets Industrial Revolution FYT in 1970’s NYC


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