July 27, 2010

…and as we are here, wading in a water crisis; there’s no better time to restructure and wax nostalgic on the complete grace of this element.

Iris Van Herpen (of whom I am a big fan) recently showed a collection is Amsterdam, contemplating fluid in all of its forms. Let’s just say that everything she does is.the.business. (punkt.)  The presentation was called ‘Crystallisation’, and the effect  that she produced makes me (almost) want to rejoin the Church of Fashion. Well, I might think about it if I could wear the baptismal pourings out on a Friday night. And if every skirt that switched down a runway made me feel like I was on acid.

What I can do (with ultimately less stress and less money), is revist my box set of early Experimental film, and be reminded of how simple this search for beauty really is; and then run into my kitchen and make sure that my tap is not leaking. Then go swimming in my sleep, play Surf music on a Thursday night, and listen to Wu-Tang in the rain.

Here is Ralph Steiner’s own beautiful contemplation on the subject in 1929.


ccheck it out….

and in the meantime enjoy this amazing picture of Nikola Tesla

Let’s just say that I do it my way. We are djing at Brut again this Thursday (me Trishes and Wisdom). Dopeness will abound.  2 weeks ago, in the middle of the night the dancefloor was bumping, and someone told me that the scene reminded him of a “Quentin Tarantino film”. High praise indeed.  I have nothing but fun when I play, and never fail to get the question of “How did you get into this music?” You see apparently when white people play hip hop or soul that is perfectly normal. However when I play Surf or Rockabilly, it’s just downright strange.  Go figure.  Regardless, leave your bad attitude at home, dress sharp (because I will), and  get ready to shake it down and smile. Thursday, Brut at Karlsplatz, from 10 but gets poppin a little later. FREE ENTRY. Surf, Soul, Doo Wop, a little Garage,  some Western Swing, and of course…ROCKABILLY.

i will definitely play this. Because I love The Seeds, and Sky Saxon. For seriously. One of the hottest men ever. Pure Swag.


July 18, 2010

This is amazing.

and so is this.

Client Magazine

July 16, 2010

Here is the cover and part of the editorial that me,Sam, and Steffi busted out (with the help of the beautiful face of Patrick Kafka) for Client Magazine. Just got highlighted on models.com…movin on up…

ph:Sam Scott Schiavo styling: Adia Trischler grooming and makeup: Steffi Lamm

This past week I styled a photo shoot with photographer Sam Scott Schiavo for the magazine Name It. The shoot was based around Leni Riefenstahl’s epic docufilm ‘Olympia’. Here is a short making of video for the editorial.

ph:Sam Scott Schiavo  stylist: Adia Trischler  stylist asst: Jamine Atabay hair: Patrick Glaathaar makeup: Christopher Koller video: Michael Brus

What is not exactly breaking news is that skinny jeans make people just as angry as long hair did in the 1960’s. Sad but true. Justin Bieber is not the first one to suffer the cruel ambigious end of a frat boy  joke. People, and men in particular (who feel as though their very own sense of sexual trueness is amiss throughout such confusion ), take to all sorts of mediums to vent these style sins. Case in point. ‘Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl’ was perhaps the most successful single from the 1960’s Garage group The Barbarians. A song, mind you,  that is nothing more than an ultra melodic hate track. He accuses the dissee of either being a ‘girl’ or ‘from Liverpool’ (snap!) Wrapped in a pretty proto LSD package, this song would make any Manly Man that divined to look more than twice in a mirror reach for some Old Spice and Bitches.

now fast forward  about 45 years and you have got THE MOST POWERFUL HATE ANTHEM OF ALL TIME. Royce Da 5’9″‘s missile launch of negativity at a fashion movement that most of us have moved past and accepted as being ridiculous. Hating so hard on skinny jeans is kind of like hating so hard on…anything else that is approaching irrelevancy. It’s just pointless. And to be honest the gun shot effect here, instead of making me hyped is kind of making me terrified. So much animosity over the cut of a trouser leg is way past rationality and nearly puts this man on the WATCH YOUR BACK list.

So…yup, we’re bringing it again. All fun, no bullshit. Me, Trishes, and Wisdom playing  Surf, soul, western swing, a little beat and psych, but always…Rockabilly. (Basically whatever feels good)  Afternoon stance from 4pm until ? outside by the swimming pool at Pratersauna. Proper for our sound. Come come come if you’re in Vienna.

* below is quite simply the dopest track that I’ve heard in a minute.  From 1965, The Savages, a group that people only guess came from Bermuda, and whose original LP I could never afford. (~sigh)  And so goes life…

I, btw, also stand by my decision to mix decades and time related genres. What’s the point to an all Beat night anymore? We get it. No, I’m not ignorant, I’m just not a genre snob. I get off on getting off; not on the hypothetical theory of the formula for off getting.