DJing Tomorrow @ Pratersauna (poolside with the surf)

July 2, 2010

So…yup, we’re bringing it again. All fun, no bullshit. Me, Trishes, and Wisdom playing  Surf, soul, western swing, a little beat and psych, but always…Rockabilly. (Basically whatever feels good)  Afternoon stance from 4pm until ? outside by the swimming pool at Pratersauna. Proper for our sound. Come come come if you’re in Vienna.

* below is quite simply the dopest track that I’ve heard in a minute.  From 1965, The Savages, a group that people only guess came from Bermuda, and whose original LP I could never afford. (~sigh)  And so goes life…

I, btw, also stand by my decision to mix decades and time related genres. What’s the point to an all Beat night anymore? We get it. No, I’m not ignorant, I’m just not a genre snob. I get off on getting off; not on the hypothetical theory of the formula for off getting.

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