Dandies Go Home:Round Table with Royce Da 5’9″ and The Barbarians

July 3, 2010

What is not exactly breaking news is that skinny jeans make people just as angry as long hair did in the 1960’s. Sad but true. Justin Bieber is not the first one to suffer the cruel ambigious end of a frat boy  joke. People, and men in particular (who feel as though their very own sense of sexual trueness is amiss throughout such confusion ), take to all sorts of mediums to vent these style sins. Case in point. ‘Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl’ was perhaps the most successful single from the 1960’s Garage group The Barbarians. A song, mind you,  that is nothing more than an ultra melodic hate track. He accuses the dissee of either being a ‘girl’ or ‘from Liverpool’ (snap!) Wrapped in a pretty proto LSD package, this song would make any Manly Man that divined to look more than twice in a mirror reach for some Old Spice and Bitches.

now fast forward  about 45 years and you have got THE MOST POWERFUL HATE ANTHEM OF ALL TIME. Royce Da 5’9″‘s missile launch of negativity at a fashion movement that most of us have moved past and accepted as being ridiculous. Hating so hard on skinny jeans is kind of like hating so hard on…anything else that is approaching irrelevancy. It’s just pointless. And to be honest the gun shot effect here, instead of making me hyped is kind of making me terrified. So much animosity over the cut of a trouser leg is way past rationality and nearly puts this man on the WATCH YOUR BACK list.


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