July 27, 2010

…and as we are here, wading in a water crisis; there’s no better time to restructure and wax nostalgic on the complete grace of this element.

Iris Van Herpen (of whom I am a big fan) recently showed a collection is Amsterdam, contemplating fluid in all of its forms. Let’s just say that everything she does is.the.business. (punkt.)  The presentation was called ‘Crystallisation’, and the effect  that she produced makes me (almost) want to rejoin the Church of Fashion. Well, I might think about it if I could wear the baptismal pourings out on a Friday night. And if every skirt that switched down a runway made me feel like I was on acid.

What I can do (with ultimately less stress and less money), is revist my box set of early Experimental film, and be reminded of how simple this search for beauty really is; and then run into my kitchen and make sure that my tap is not leaking. Then go swimming in my sleep, play Surf music on a Thursday night, and listen to Wu-Tang in the rain.

Here is Ralph Steiner’s own beautiful contemplation on the subject in 1929.


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