Vampara (work)

August 24, 2010

Here comes the preview…from Ara Jo’s collection. The Fam made it spooky this time. When I first starting talking to Ara about her collection and helping her out a bit with styling, I was super struck by how much it reminded me of the 1930’s- The endless silhouettes and Hollywood glamour. Then Andreas and I thought, f- it, let’s do a ‘mood’ book and film with Ara. Below is part of the result.  I thought endlessly about Garbo, and Schiaparelli, but also about all of those wonderful b horror films from the 40’s and 50’s. And finally because we all like to laugh I asked Steffi if she could make a set of ice’d out fangs. The jewelry is all antique, from an exquisite collection based between the 1920’s and 30’s courtesy of Garderobe in Vienna.

ph:Andreas Waldschütz

creative director/stylist:adia trischler

makeup:steffi Lamm

hair:patrick glatthaar

all design by Ara Jo

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