December 13, 2010

We are in the middle of moving apartments, and I have a pretty heavy job coming up this week…but details will have to come later. In the meantime, some images/moods floating through my life right now.

Bob Dylan and Thelonios Monk…two of my son’s heroes right now.¬†¬† Because I have been collecting furniture like crazy for the new apartment (ebay.at, willhaben.at, driving two hours in snow/rain to become the proud owner of a GORGEOUS¬† 1960’s kommode/dresser) I have been heavy in vintage interior, and restoration world…a little obsessed right now. To Formica or not To Formica. That is the question…In my current dreams my home would look like a remix of this



and tonight while bubble wrapping antique cameras and accordions I will re watch this

super twisted, and a must for anyone who loves horror films. Just sick. Unbelievable imagination. And check out how True Blood straight jacked their opening credits from this movie.