How the hell isn’t there an amazing 1970’s Reggae version of ‘Tell It Like It Is’?

September 25, 2011

Riddle me that for real. This search has been troubling my household recently. It’s just so obvious, that it is actually a GD shame that an entire generation of Reggae, Rocksteady, and Dub artists just completely slept on the beauty of this track. I personally still love the original Aaron Neville version, but for Stefan (my husband) he can never TOTALLY get down with the Neville twang. Which I can understand. I do. (My tolerance for country, western swing, and all things  Grand Ole Opry related is quite high) HOWEVER, what we can both agree on is that it is actually RIDICULOUS that there exists no beautiful Studio 1 Era take of this . Especially considering the fact that pretty much EVERY other soul, r&b, and doo wop track of any renown was  expoloited by the sound systems in Jamaica. Our youtube adventures led us through dark alleyways of music that need never have existed to my ears. (Including a Bitty Mclean version of ‘Try A Little Tenderness’ that actually did make me weary…at the thought of Otis Redding doing somersaults in his grave. And all of this, keeping in mind that much like with Country, my tolerance for Reggae is abnormally high) If anyone, ANYONE, has any clues on some rare dusty unreleased skanked up secret cover of this song, I beg you, please make me a believer.

here is the Aaron Neville original 1965

…and here is a fucked up version by someone who looks like he’s running for mayor, interposed by images of ‘dream jump offs’. It’s actually strange and doesn’t need to be watched before o:06 and definitely not past 0:17 (this brief eclipse however is GOLD in terms of art direction.)

I could go on and on with where this ‘adventure’ led, but it would take up too much space. Although a lot of it was educational and fun. And this rant comes only as a result of passion. Here is an example of  this cross genre done right.


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