Meta.Morph nominated at ASVOFF 4

September 28, 2011

soooo, next week I am off to Paris with Andreas (my work partner) and Stefan (my life partner) to see our film, Meta.Morph compete in the A Shaded View on Fashion Film Competition at Centre Pompidou. Very excited indeed.  The jury is amazing, and I am super honored to be listed among the nominees.The film had been done for the London based designer Una Burke, and was originally shown in London last February. It was later picked up by Vogue Italia.

Basically, I love events like this, and once again we get to meet up with our Festival Homie (the lovely and talented Kathryn Ferguson) to create all sorts of havoc and memories. In the meantime I have already started planning my wardrobe, while we also finish editing two other films (One is coming in two weeks and will be CRAZY) In my dreams  I would wear an  Edwardian Tea Dress (even though I was married in one) with these Wiener Werkstätte shoes that I have loved for years.





















basically it should look like epic lounging.

In other news I started watching Ms. 45 last night. Not a good night story that’s for sure, unless you’re the Grimm’s Fairytale type, however I was blown away by Zoe Tamerlis Lund. She was only 19 when starred in this.


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