Aerial Ballet

May 29, 2010

so obviously Harry Nilsson’s grandparents were circus performers who specialized in Aerial Ballet. Thus, the album title. But still…there may not be a more beautiful activity in theory than Aerial Ballet. It reminds me of my days at NYU in the Experimental Theatre Wing, when my voice teacher Cecil recounted her early memories of running away to join the circus, while drilling into us the Linklater technique.

side note…Cecil (the voice teacher) appeared in the movie Speed. That’s what you get for professors when you sign up for a BFA


Those who know me, know that I am pretty much a law abiding citizen.(Obvious deviances aside) but there is something so romantic about the idea of a heist, and something so sexy about women with guns. Sorry, call me American or what you will but it’s the simple truth. So…when I go bank robbing I am taking her with me (circa 1967)

I am listening to this

my entire wardrobe will be Gemma Slack

and afterwards i will watch this…

Recent Memories

May 25, 2010

Ciara, me, and Susi…March in Milan at the Vogue Italia Party trying to look rich

Ara Jo and I backstage at her show (Portrait of a designer and the stylist) during the Ringstrassen Galerien Awards

A near flawless film, with moments of style so uplifting that it  makes me want to abandon my entire wardrobe as a gesture of respect.  For real. Almost.

photo Christoph Pirnbacher/ Styling Adia Trischler

For all of those people that attach the idea of rarity to actual emotional value, time to get a new rating system. Just because it will break the bank doesnt make it a killer track. except in this case. two dope songs, too little money, but thanks internet.

wish i owned it on vinyl, dance.floor.heavy

Work. 2010

May 20, 2010

I have been STUPID busy since January, which has produced both inspiring and numbing results. Until last week (the results of which shall soon be revealed) the images  below were two of my favorite looks from my recent work. The shoot at the bottom was from a dope story that we did in London, for a magazine that unfortunately folded before the editorial could print. s***s ridiculous in the world of glossy publications these days. We are hoping still to find a home for the editorial. There’s a lot lot lot more new work coming, so get ready

taken from APPARITION

photo Andreas Waldschuetz/Art Director Adia Trischler/Makeup Steffi Lamm/Hair Patrick Glatthaar


photo Andreas Waldschuetz/Art Director Adia Trischler/Makeup Steffi Lamm/Hair Patrick Glatthaar

Remember the project I went away to work on in Namibia during October? Well here comes the result. As part of Unit F 10 Festival for Fashion and Photography, we will be debuting our exhibition. The trailer for the film is now online as well as further information. Check. it.out.


May 20, 2010

photo magazine of the future…from the past. discovered some at a library when i was 15, now i am having another nostalgia kick.

Check out this editorial I did with Sam Scott Schiavo for Supplementaire Magazine.