Corinne Day

August 29, 2010

When I was studying theatre in London, I also took a photography class which held courses at the V&A. In one of those sessions, I was reintroduced to the work of Corinne Day. I fell in love with the picture below. It resonated with me for the first time, despite having basically grown up into fashion consciousness alongside the entire 90’s movement.  I have since always counted this image as one of my all time favorite fashion photographs.

I read that today, Corinne Day may or may not have lost her battle with a brain tumour. I won’t talk about that until I am certain of the truth, however I am thinking about this picture a lot tonight.


(…atleast there I wouldn’t ever have f-cked up a cupcake recipe like I did tonight. Someone would have made them for me)

Mary Pickford. Douglas Fairbanks. The Original Hollywood Celebrities. Co creators (along with D.W. Griffith and Charlie Chaplin) of United Artists, and inhabitants of Pickfair; the estate that welcomed everyone who was anyone in the early days of the silver screen. In the teens and 20’s the Pickford-Fairbanks pretty much ran sh+t hillside, and their parties and home were pretty much unrivaled. Every once in awhile, I like to reconnect with images of the couples’ exotic and entrepreneurial existance. I could go into a rant about how I think that they are as underrated as Kool Herc in terms of lasting importance (actually, DJ  Kool Herc is way more underrated) regardless… nobody really needs skool right now. What I will do is leave my kitchen painted in unrisen chocolate batter for the night, and lose myself in this recent Douglas Fairbanks find (crazy dark humour about drugs and absurdity from 1916) and images of the ever glowing…Pickfair.

Kool Herc describing how he invented the break fyt…

Vampara (work)

August 24, 2010

Here comes the preview…from Ara Jo’s collection. The Fam made it spooky this time. When I first starting talking to Ara about her collection and helping her out a bit with styling, I was super struck by how much it reminded me of the 1930’s- The endless silhouettes and Hollywood glamour. Then Andreas and I thought, f- it, let’s do a ‘mood’ book and film with Ara. Below is part of the result.  I thought endlessly about Garbo, and Schiaparelli, but also about all of those wonderful b horror films from the 40’s and 50’s. And finally because we all like to laugh I asked Steffi if she could make a set of ice’d out fangs. The jewelry is all antique, from an exquisite collection based between the 1920’s and 30’s courtesy of Garderobe in Vienna.

ph:Andreas Waldschütz

creative director/stylist:adia trischler

makeup:steffi Lamm

hair:patrick glatthaar

all design by Ara Jo

A True Fashion Film

August 14, 2010

…though I don’t think that this was Kenneth Anger’s exact intention. Nevertheless, as everyone in fashion gets so caught up with film, and plunges rather heedlessly into the medium, (that being said I work with film and fashion) it’s always nice to watch the form at its’ most honest. And never too late to wish that half of the photographers making ‘films’ would have an actual background and love of the genre before wasting attention.