So here is the link to my heavily edited review of the Angewandte show. I realize that I did say something about this not being the ‘Akademie of Baby Phat’ however, there were still very fair moments of criticism. Gone it is, and here is what remains.–june-20-2010


In purely visual theory, I appreciate both movements. The Artistic Dress Movement had a much more pure method of thought, although the handiwork moments left out a certain sophistication in the freedom. Then came the 1880’s with it’s aesthetic movement, and the world would never be the same. Although the dresses were far more beautiful, and their mimicry of nature (or rather according to the ethos, nature should mimic art) is…supreme…the Aesthetic Movement in general didn’t last very long for a few reasons. Namely that Oscar Wilde went to prison, and to be quite honest most of the world couldn’t afford to find charm with phrases such as “I find it harder and harder everyday to live up to my blue china”…yea. You know the majority of post Industrial Revolution Britain wasn’t so…caught up.  Time goes by and then came the 1970’s. When ‘keeping it real’ meant you HAD to be aesthetically forceful, howevere the underprivileged were just as guilty of this mode. Let’s call it the Post Neo Democratic Aesthetic Movement. (God that sounds like bullshit). A lot more fun, more dangerous, but much better music.

Aesthetic Dress meets Industrial Revolution FYT in 1970’s NYC

So I am working with the Austrian menswear label Superated to style their runway show, lookbook, and campaign images. The entire puzzle for this assignment was to make everything look as UNmatchy as possible, bordering on UGLY. And to make things seem personal. Actually a lot of fun. I even used crocs (which I despise, but in context they are pretty funny) The other shoes are from the label Rosa Mosa (whom I love)

ph: Sam Scott Schiavo styling: Adia Trischler grooming: Patrick Glatthaar

What’s Next

June 27, 2010

So the Sand People exhibition was amazing, and the film in particular got amazing feedback. (The exhibition is set to travel to New York and London, while the film has been shipped off to ASVOFF), however now we are back and editing the next film, and preparing for an even CRAZIER site specific exhibition.  My work as a stylist/art director is based mainly on character development, and coming from a theatre background, I try to find an honest moment in an image. Like film stills, I am moving farther away from static fashion images, and will no longer blog any fashion that is not truly innovative or historical. I turn to fiction and film for my inspiration, as the fashion industry itself has become oversaturated and…base. Below is one of my favorite images from the exhibition

for more information and the film trailer please go to

However what we are doing next is INSANE. We hooked up with CSM student and super hyped designer Ara Jo to create a lookbook,moodbook, and film. The result in fantastic and below is an image from the lookbook which isnt even HALF of the story.

ph:Andreas Waldschuetz  Art Direction/Styling:Adia Trischler Makeup:Steffi Lamm Hair: Patrick Glatthaar  Model:Beata S (my muse)


So. Beautiful.

June 25, 2010

London based Not Just A Label asked the fam to do their organic t shirt campaign, and here is what we came up with. This is the making of video, for more information on the actual project please go to

There are so many amazing films that this man made that I cannot even begin to get into it. By far one of my favorite film makers. He is  so honestly out there, that others can only recount his memoirs of depravity and beauty. I used to watch his BBC version of Isadora while drinking a pabst blue ribbon sitting on my friend Charmy’s floor rewinding a shitty vhs that I had half stolen from Kim’s. ..Those were darker times. Anyhow now I own it.Shade be gone… But how about all of the other Ken Russell? The world beyond Tommy, beyond Mahler and Altered States. What about the funeral procession of lovers in Valentino (with the grieving train held up by 10 women)? Or the licking of the cruxifiction wounds in The Devils?  I think there may actually be no such thing as borders in Mr. Russell’s world.